Antonio Molner Domenech Software Developer

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What I do

I am a Computer Science Degree student and enthusiastic app developer. I started to learn game programming when I was a teenager. Since then I have never stop to learn new things and to accept new challenges. I have worked in several personal and professional projects using different technologies, such as Augmented Reality or Geospatial data. Recently I started to learn Google Tango and Hololens technologies to boost my career.


Specialized in game programming and scripting


Main development tools that I use.

Other Tools

I use this tools daily. Mainly, Git for project collaboration and AWS for web app hosting and escalable servers.

Featured Projects

Ancient Enviroment Creation
  • Level Designer and Programmer (UE4)
  • This project is a practice for an student by request. It is a small game in first person and some streamed levels with multiple interactive objects. Everything wrapped in a dark atmosphere and snow.

    Check it out
    Ponikve Airport Demo
  • Unique developer
  • Visual recreation of the Ponikve Airport. The scene uses real heightmaps and satellite textures of the zone. The app was proposed for a conference so it has points of interest split in different stages to explain it's reconstruction.

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    Lady Christmas Mobile Game
  • Unique developer
  • Mobile game published to Play Store and Apps Store. It is a platform game based on Christmas. The main character is a Lady Santa Claus with differents moves (jumping, sliding and throwing snow balls). There are also interactive level objects and some AI enemies. Project for Wapmania S.L

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