Antonio Molner Domenech Software Developer

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What I do

I am a Computer Science Degree student and enthusiastic app developer. I started to programme when I was a teenager. Since then I have never stopped to learn new things and to accept new challenges. I have worked on several personal and professional projects using different technologies, such as Augmented Reality or Geospatial data. Recently I started to learn Google Tango and AR technologies to boost my career.


Specialized in OOP programming and scripting languages


Main development tools that I use.

Other Tools

I use this tools daily. Mainly, Git for project collaboration and Vim to become a ninja coder.

Featured Projects

Google Campus AR Demo
  • Developer (Unity)
  • Demo developed for the presentation at Google Campus Madrid. It shows the air systems and ducts over the reality without any QR or target element, using only Tango technologies.

    Check it out
    Ancient Enviroment Creation
  • Level Designer and Programmer (UE4)
  • This project is a practice for a student. It is a small game in first person composed of some streamed levels with multiple interactive objects. Everything is wrapped in a dark atmosphere and snow.

    Ponikve Airport Demo
  • Main Developer (Unity)
  • Visual recreation of the Ponikve Airport. The scene uses real heightmaps and satellite textures of the zone. The app was proposed for a conference so it has points of interest split into different stages to explain it's reconstruction.

    SEC Substation Demo
  • Main Developer (Unity)
  • Mobile app that recreates an electrical substation with a model extracted from GIS systems. A demo for Operator Training purposes.

    Lady Christmas Mobile Game
  • Unique developer (Unity)
  • Mobile game published to Play Store and Apps Store. It is a platform game based on Christmas. The main character is a lady Santa Claus with different moves (jumping, sliding and throwing snowballs). There are also interactive level objects and some simple AI enemies. Project for Wapmania S.L

    Check it out


    BIM Model to Google Tango
  • Spanish Presentation at Madrid Google Campus
  • How can a 3D model from BIM (Revit) be put over reality using Google Tango devices?. Workflow explanation.

    Check it out